How and where you manufacture components will impact virtually every aspect of your project, from cost to quality, lead times, and more. In some cases, maintaining in-house production will prove to be the more economical approach. In others, it may make more sense to outsource manufacturing altogether.

As the outsourcing and procurement leader for your organization, this is often one of the most critical decisions you’ll make when starting a new project. 

This free checklist helps you more confidently answer the question “Should I outsource this component?”

Upon reading this checklist, you’ll learn: 

  • Differences between in-house and outsourced manufacturing
  • Advantages of outsourced manufacturing
  • Advantages of in-house manufacturing
  • Situations where you should choose each approach

You’ll also get access to a handy checklist to help you make the right choice based on your facility, capabilities, and project requirements. 

Simply fill out the form to get your free copy of this checklist.

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