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    High standards ensure high-quality bicycle frames.

    All of our production processes are based on advanced product quality planning (APQP), a strict quality assurance measure commonly used in the automotive industry. That means every bicycle frame you receive will be manufactured with an unmatched attention to detail and quality.  

    GPMI, a member of VPIC Group, oversees the bicycle frame production, ensuring both accuracy and repeatability.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC

    Provide designs
    Provide designs.

    Once we have outlined the quotes and specifications from the RFQ, our clients deliver 3D files, specs and the frame design.

    Bicycle Frame Development
    Bicycle Frame Development.

    We begin by creating 2D drawings of the bicycle frame. After client approval, we develop a die casting mold and any other pre-production components.


    Frames are produced in-house using tube butting, sawing and bending. We weld and heat-treat the frames to ensure consistent strength, and paint to specifications.


    To ensure our production process is the highest quality it can be, we test the frames in accordance with ISO 4210-2 standards. Once the frames pass, we move to mass production.


    When all of the frames are complete, we deliver them to the client within the allotted time frame so they can be assembled with other bicycle components.

    A robust inventory of machinery in state-of-the-art-facilities.

    All bicycle frames are manufactured at our GPMI facility in the Dong Nai Province of South Vietnam. Currently built on 205,000 square meters of land, we have plans to grow and scale our production facility over the next several years. That means we’ll be poised to continue producing a high volume of bicycle frames to meet your needs for years to come.

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    Why VPIC for Bicycle Manufacturing?

    We follow the highest standards and offer competitive pricing in the bicycle frame manufacturing industry.

    We produce bicycle frames using top-of-the-line machinery and pay meticulous attention to the component from start to finish.


    State-of-the-Art Bicycle Manufacturing

    Using robot welding as a primary strategy, our manufacturing capabilities use tube bending and TIG and MIG aluminum welding to ensure a high-quality, consistent bicycle frame. We finish the product with the application of putty and sanding work, to create a smooth and appealing finish at a competitive price.

    Advanced Product Quality

    Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

    Our APQP is a framework of procedures and techniques used to develop products at the highest-quality standard. We monitor every step of the phases of development, production and product completion. APQP is typically used in automotive production, which is a higher standard than most manufacturing processes.

    Rigorous Testing

    Rigorous Testing

    Testing ensures the highest quality and safety for our client’s components. GPMI doesn’t cut corners when it comes to performing a large range of fatigue, impact, bending and force tests on their components, following ISO 4210-1:2014, the ISO norm in the cycling industry.


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