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    High-Quality Welding Services From a Manufacturer You Can Trust

    While some manufacturers simply take your plans and produce a product, our experienced team is involved in all aspects of the production process. With an emphasis on consistent quality, we are proud to serve the automotive industry, powersports industry, construction industry and beyond, using the newest robotic welding equipment and manual welding techniques to produce frames, suspensions, winterization for vehicles and more.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC

    Welding Step 1

    First, we prepare the aluminum or stainless steel tubes by cutting, smoothing edges, punching holes or stamping based on the client’s specifications.

    Welding Step 2

    The metal tube then goes to the robot welding line. Of the many welding processes, robotic welding is highly accurate, enhances safety and reduces production time.

    Welding Step 3

    Once the component is complete, it goes to quality inspection where 5 out of 100 parts are tested. If one problem is found, the whole batch is inspected to ensure they meet the required tolerance.

    Welding Step 4

    Molten metal is highly malleable. Some aluminum frames require heat treatment due to deformation that occurs when the welding device creates excessive heat.

    Welding 5

    The components are shipped to an assembly plant. We deliver automotive and powersports frames fully painted and coated, with the quality of having a mirror effect.

    Several Welding Processes, All Backed by Quality Workmanship

    As one of the top international welding companies, we are proud to provide our clients with a number of welding services, including robotic welding for resistance spot welding and arc welding in high-production applications, mechanical welding for welding areas that machines cannot reach, TIG welding for thinner metals and MIG welding for thicker metals.

    Learn More About the Different Welding Processes

    VPIC Welding Processes

    Why Choose VPIC for Welding?

    High Volume Capacity

    High-Volume Capacity

    Our facility has 4 automatic welding lines equipped with 157 welding robots, enabling us to effortlessly support high-volume projects, especially with our robotic welding capabilities that offer increased speed, efficiency and accuracy.

    Full Range of Services

    Full Range of Services

    Welding is never a solo capability at VPIC — we support you at all stages of component production. Involvement in all stages of the project allows us to ensure quality, consistency and streamlined vendor management.

    Welding 8

    Quality Standards

    Our experienced team can follow ISO standards for welding or conform to a client’s own standards of safety and quality. Usually only bigger international welding companies offer this kind of flexibility, but our dedication to quality products means that we prioritize it, too.

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