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    Industrial Laser Cutting Services with State-of-the-Art Machinery

    Working in our laser cutting factory, our technicians perform laser cutting services using hard tooling and CNC machining to complete prototypes of designs sent from our customers. Our laser cutting tools are used to cut sheet and metal tubing and can cut through up to one inch of steel, aluminum, and other metal alloys.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC

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    Thermal Process

    Laser cutting is a thermal process in which a laser beam focuses on a localized area to melt the material.

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    CNC Control

    A continuous cut or bore is produced using CNC control to move the laser beam.

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    Once the sheet or tube, which can be made from different metals, is produced as a component prototype, the review stage begins.

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    The review could reveal issues with the prototype, at which point the prototype is reproduced with the adjustments to the design made.

    High-Quality Review Processes for Laser Cutting, Valued by Vietnam Manufacturers

    Industrial laser cutting services are almost never used as a primary service. Because of the level of precision that a laser cut provides, they are used primarily for prototypes. To ensure our customers receive the highest-quality components, our review process for the prototypes is robust, and components are held to the highest standard.

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    Why Choose VPIC for Your Laser Cutting Services?

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    A Commitment To High-Quality Testing

    To ensure we are producing the highest-quality components, creating a prototype allows us to find faults in the design before sending the project off to mass production. In addition to this preliminary step, all of our manufacturing processes go through a testing process so that we are sending only the highest-quality components to our clients.

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    Short Lead Times

    Laser cutting is a slow process meant for small sets of components rather than mass production. Because we spend the time creating prototypes, we limit the risk that the mass production of components will result in faulty products. With more accurately produced components, we can remain committed to the short lead times required of our clients.

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    Low Risk of Human Error

    All of our industrial laser cutting services are conducted by CNC machines. Once our technicians input the designs and necessary information, the CNC laser machines perform the cuts automatically and without any human interaction. The only human interaction with the component comes after the cuts are complete, when the component is removed from the production line.


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