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    Highly Flexible Metal Stamping Services

    As one of the leading metal stamping manufacturers, we have the ability to support a wide range of flat sheet metal, including stainless steel, iron and copper, to create a variety of quality products and components. Using equipment that has several punch press options with varying dies to accommodate different material thicknesses, our in-house operations are highly flexible and customizable, with the capacity to support high-volume projects.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC

    Stamping Step 1

    Before the metal stamping process begins, we perform a high-level inspection of the chemical composition of the raw materials to ensure the metal is pure.

    Stamping Step 2

    Based on the RFQ, we evaluate the 2D and 3D files that provide important information, including material, tolerance, critical dimensions and finishing. Depending on the component, we might require information about where the component will go in the final assembly.

    Stamping Step 3

    The metal stamping process begins with a flat metal sheet or a metal tube. It is inserted into the hydraulic stamping press to shape the metal through punching, blanking or coining. Metal stamping can include automotive stampings, medical stampings or others, and it might require multiple stamps, depending on the component.

    Stamping Step 4

    Most stamped components require secondary services. The majority of stamped components require coating to protect the component from the environment. Other components require painting for an aesthetic finish.

    Stamping Step 5

    At the end of the production line, a quality inspection team inspects a portion of the components. The inspection focuses on porosity and dimensional tolerances to ensure the component is valid.

    Precision Metal Stampings in State-of-the-Art Facilities

    As a leading metal stamping parts supplier, we are now in our twenty-seventh year of service. We provide a variety of types of metal stamping and produce 95 million parts every year. Our plans to grow and scale our production facility over the next several years will put us in a position to continue producing at a high volume.

    Learn More About Our Manufacturing Facilities

    VPIC State of the Art Facilities

    Why Choose VPIC for Metal Stamping?


    Secondary Services Available In-House

    Secondary Services Available In-House

    Often, stamping is not the final step in the production process. That’s why we offer an all-in-one level of service that includes secondary services such as painting, coating, laser cutting and more to create a final component.

    Experts in the Industry

    Experts in the Industry

    As experts in the industry, we can offer recommendations and inspections to optimize your costs and more effectively meet your project requirements and business objectives.

    Flexibility to Support Your Needs

    Flexibility to Support Your Needs

    Our technicians support our clients with a wide array of projects across many different industries. We have the capabilities, knowledge and range of equipment to produce components based on your specifications and required materials.


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