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    Precision Metal Forging Processes Suitable for Many Industries

    Our team of expert industrial forging engineers has the knowledge and capabilities to perform mass productions of components that require complex shapes made from a variety of raw materials, including steel, alloy steels and aluminum. Using machines ranging from 600-2,500 tons, each component is produced under extreme pressure and then tested for structural integrity to meet the standards required in the powersports, automotive, construction and agriculture industries.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC

    Metal Forging

    Depending on the complexity and weight of the component, we use one of our three machines that have capacities of 600, 1,000, 1,600 or 2,500 tons for the forging process. Each machine is a standard hydraulic press, but tooling changes based on the temperature of the material and shape of the component.

    Metal Forging

    Components that are going to be exposed to high loads or forces, such as  suspension components, are produced with a high-tonnage machine. For some components that have a more complex shape, all three machines are used.

    Metal Forging

    The ingot made from steel or aluminum is formed in a hydraulic press at a temperature of around 400-500°C that allows the metal to be manipulated into the die shape. 

    Metal Forging

    For die forging, the heated metal is then forced into a die impression to create the complex shape of the component.

    Metal Forging

    After the component cools, we perform safety tests based on dimensional analysis to test for tolerances, environmental standards and general testing to ensure the component exceeds expectations.

    A “cannot fail” approach to industrial forging

    Metal forging is often used in the powersports, automobiles, construction and agriculture industries that require components that “cannot fail.” Whether these components are used for airplanes, automobiles, tractors, ships or drilling equipment, our production process guarantees supreme structural integrity. A part of this process includes secondary processes, such as protective coating to avoid rust and corrosion, and we can handle that in-house, saving you time and money.

    Is Forging or Casting Right for Me?

    VPIC industrial forging

    Why Choose VPIC for Forging?


    Metal Forging

    Low Cost of Services

    When partnering with a metal forging manufacturer based in Vietnam, you receive lower cost of services compared to manufacturers based in China. Plus, partnering with VPIC is a great way to augment your Plus One strategy.

    Metal Forging

    Full Range of Services

    The forging process requires a secondary process, which drives up costs. Unlike many other forging manufacturers, VPIC can conduct precision metal forging projects from start to finish in-house, which provides both a boost in quality and cost savings.

    Metal Forging

    Experienced Engineers

    With more than 27 years of experience, our engineers are seasoned professionals in the forging process. Our commitment to quality and capabilities for mass production of complex shapes has attracted some big names in the power sports industry.


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