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    Aluminum Die Casting Capabilities Suitable for Projects of All Sizes

    As aluminum die casting manufacturers, we set ourselves apart with a process that consistently delivers quality die casting parts. We dedicate each of our seven facilities to a single manufacturing process so that our skilled technicians can focus on individual productions. Our eight die casting machines are each equipped with their own melting furnace and range in capabilities from 350 to 2,500 tons. That means we can support the production of a wide range of component sizes.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC


    Before we begin the aluminum die casting process, we use a spectrometer to test the chemical composition of the aluminum ingot to ensure the specifications fall between 0-5% difference in purity.


    The aluminum ingots go through a melting process at one of eight die casting machine stations, each equipped with a melting furnace. The only step that requires human interaction is placing the ingot into the furnace. The rest is automated.


    Once melted, the molten aluminum is injected into the die. We offer a wide range of products that vary in size and weight as well as the machines required to produce them, including a 2,500 tons machine that can cast most powertrain components.

    Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance.

    With advancements in technology, quality assurance is no longer dependent on cutting the product to test for porosity. We use an X-ray machine that allows us to accept and reject components more accurately.

    Finishing & Shipping
    Finishing & Shipping.

    After the quality assurance process, components are trimmed, deburred, polished and burnished. We also offer surface finishing options such as painting and coating, depending on the component and your needs. Once completed within specs, the components are packaged and shipped.

    Offering Aluminum Die Casting to Save on Weight and Cost

    Companies in the automotive and agricultural industries seek lightweight components and machines at competitive prices. We provide the answer by producing with aluminum, which has strong dimensional stability and is proven to be a more reliable, lighter alternative to steel. In the automotive industry, aluminum has enormous opportunity for growth with the increase in electric vehicle production, savings on fuel, and superior handling with aluminum-based vehicles.

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    Why Choose VPIC for Aluminum Die Casting?

    VPIC’s aluminum die casting services encompass a full range of primary and secondary operations to produce components of all sizes at an unmatched level of quality.



    When producing aluminum die casting parts, we remain flexible to accommodate the wide range of component sizes our clients require. Using the right machine to handle between 350-2,500 tons, we produce everything from small components all the way to electric motor housings.

    Full Range of Services

    Full Range of Services

    We provide a full range of services outside of the primary operation of die casting parts. Our secondary in-house operations include painting, CNC machining, stamping, injection molding, welding and more.



    One of our key differentiators is our dedication to the robotic automation process. When it comes to aluminum die casting, the only process that requires human interaction is loading the ingot into the furnace. The rest is automated. Our quality assurance process is conducted by X-ray machines, which reduces the risk of human error.

    VPIC's Die Casting Machinery



    Aluminum Die Casting


    ADC-3, ADC- 5, ADC-12 and A-380


    1 set TOSHIBA 2500 tons DC2500CS3

    1 set TOSHIBA 1650 tons DC1650CS3

    2 sets TOSHIBA 1250 tons DC1250J-MC

    2 sets TOSHIBA 800 tons DC800J-MS

    2 sets TOYO 650 tons BD-650VC EX

    2 sets TOYO 350 tons BD-350VC EX

    Mold Longevity

    50, 000 shots for 2500,1650,1200,800 tons; 80,000 shots for 350 and 650 tons



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