Vietnam Precision Industrial Joint Stock Company
    Address: Lot VIII-1, Honai Industrial Zone, Trangbom District, Dongnai Province, 810000 Vietnam.
    Telephone: +84-251.3984.708


    Environmental, Social, and Governance factors have become increasingly important in the world of manufacturing. When VPIC Group aligns its operations and strategies with ESG principles, we not only contribute to a sustainable future but we also attract more clients and investors who prioritize responsible business practices.

    Environmental initiatives

    VPIC Group has taken significant steps towards
    reducing their environmental footprint. We embrace green manufacturing practices, aiming to minimize waste and energy usage in our production processes.
    We have invested in renewable energy sources,
    such as solar power, to offset their carbon


    Social contributions

    VPIC Group ensures that providing a safe and
    healthy working environment for all our employees.
    We follow rigorous labor standards and strive to
    create a diverse and inclusive workplace.
    We regularly engage in community outreach
    programs, contributing to local community


    Governance principles

    VPIC Group exemplifies this with transparent
    business operations and strong ethical guidelines.
    We have robust policies in place to prevent
    corruption and promote ethical business practices.
    Through our governance initiatives, VPIC Group
    ensures that it operates with integrity and


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