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    High-Quality Services From Our State-of-the-Art Investment Casting Foundry

    The investment casting process is a complex set of procedures that produces incredibly sturdy components at a low volume. At VPIC Group, we primarily produce powersports components through the investment casting process, including steering columns for ATVs that are made from steel to ensure durability. With the robust tooling in our investment casting foundry, we have the capabilities to produce pieces for a variety of industries as well.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC

    Capability Overview 1

    The investment casting process begins with the creation of a permanent mold, which matches the shape of the component.

    Capability Overview 2
    Wax Injecting

    Once the mold is created, hot wax is injected into the mold. The wax in the mold is then left to cool and harden.

    Capability Overview 3

    Once the wax pattern is cooled down, it is repeatedly dipped into a slurry of fine-grained silica, being coated progressively until reaching the desired thickness.

    Capability Overview 4

    The ceramic shape is then placed upside down into the oven so that the wax melts, leaving a hollow ceramic shape.

    Capability Overview 5

    The ceramic mold is heated to 1000 – 2000°F (550 – 1100°C). This heat strengths the mold, eliminating any leftover wax or contaminants, and evaporates water from the mold material. Molten metal is then poured into the mold.

    Capability Overview 6

    Once completely cooled, the ceramic layer is removed, leaving a completed metal component.

    A Well-Rounded Approach to Investment Casting

    As an investment casting company, we see investment casting from a pre- and post-production perspective. In other words, in addition to producing the component, we will provide design recommendations and work with you on the requested volume and timeline, the required product properties, the industry standard required of the component, component testing and delivery preferences.

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    Investment Casting

    Why Choose VPIC for Investment Casting?

    Key Features 1

    Quality Standards

    Our quality standards are backed by ISO-certifications, which means our components are held to a high standard, allowing us to optimize your costs while reducing risk.

    Key Features 2

    High Lead Times

    Although producing a component through investment casting tends to be low volume and slower compared to other manufacturing practices, we understand the critical impact delays have on your business. For this reason, we are committed to our delivery schedules, which have some of the fastest lead times in the industry.

    Key Features 3

    A Comprehensive Approach

    The investment casting process is a start-to-finish process that begins with our design recommendations to ensure the component is produced at the right standards. Throughout the project, we ensure quality, consistency and streamlined vendor management.


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