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    Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing From a Company Committed to Quality

    Some plastic injection molding companies simply take your designs and produce a product, but our experienced team is involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process. With a commitment to consistent quality, we can produce components and products that vary in a wide range of sizes for companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical, construction and consumer products industries — and more.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC


    The custom plastic injection molding process begins with creating the mold to fit the shape of the component to be produced. 


    Once the mold is created, it is placed into a plastic injection molding machine, which varies in tonnage based on the size of the component.

    Melting and injecting
    Melting and injecting

    From there, the AVS, HDPE or PVS pellets are melted down and injected into the cavity in the mold at a high pressure. 


    Finally, the plastic component is set out to cool. Once it’s fully cooled, a technician starts the burring process to ensure no unneeded material is attached to the component.

    Creating Only the Highest-Quality Plastic Injection Molding Components

    The plastic injection molding process is perfect for high-volume, high-repeatability manufacturing projects. Our plastic injection molding machines range from 90-1,550 tons, allowing us to produce a wide range of components, all at a lower cost due to minimal material scrap. In addition to production services, our expert technicians provide design recommendations to ensure you get the highest-quality component.

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    Why Choose VPIC Group as Your Plastic Injection Company?

    High-Repeatability Capacity

    High-Repeatability Capacity

    Companies in need of plastic injection components almost always need a high volume. Our high-repeatability standards allow us to produce components with a commitment to consistency and precision while keeping scrap to a minimum and saving on cost in the long run.

    Quality Standards

    Quality Standards

    Our experienced technicians conduct our services in accordance with ISO standards to ensure the environment is safe and the quality of the products is high.

    Full Range of Services

    Full Range of Services

    Before we conduct our plastic injection molding process, we first go over the designs and make recommendations, if necessary. Once the component is complete, we provide burring services to ensure the product is ready for market.


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