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    Is It Time to Reassess Your Supply Chain Optimization Strategy?

    Supply chain optimization is a strategy made up of practices and procedures that aims to create an optimal, cost-effective operation for manufacturing and distribution companies.


    How to Save Time and Money With An Automotive OEM Supplier Partnership

    It isn’t news that the automotive industry has faced a long list of challenges since the beginning of 2020. The initial factory shutdowns across the globe set off a domino effect of issues related to material availability, extended lead times, cost increases, labor shortages and even microchip shortages.


    What in the Weld? TIG vs. MIG Welding Explained

    Welding is a manufacturing fabrication process that utilizes heat or pressure, and in some cases both, to create a durable joint between two separate pieces of aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel. Depending on the component and production specifications, manufacturing technicians execute different welding techniques to produce the desired component or product.


    Decades in the Making: The History of VPIC

    For the last 27 years, VPIC Group has been committed to customer satisfaction by consistently listening to customer needs, investing in the latest technology and staying up to date on industry trends. This commitment has allowed us to develop long-term working relationships with many world-class customers in powersports, automotive, healthcare equipment and many other industries located throughout the globe and especially in North America, Europe and Asia.

    Quality Assurance

    Safety First: Why the Industry Quality Assurance Process Matters

    In manufacturing, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) are processes that are part of the ecosystem that ensures customers receive high-quality products devoid of any defects. While both processes are important in any manufacturing environment, quality assurance is critical for the automotive industry and high-precision component suppliers due to the possibility of injury or fatality if manufacturers fail to maintain a high standard of quality.


    What Are the Procurement Steps in Supply Chain Management?

    A procurement process is defined as a series of steps that a business or organization creates and follows to obtain the goods, components, products or services that are necessary to complete their goals and objectives. The process is not specific to any one industry, but rather a necessary aspect that aids in the optimization of operations.

    Supply Chain

    Vietnam Manufacturing Set to Thrive Amid U.S. Tariffs on Chinese Goods

    As the United States imposes new tariffs on Chinese products, the global manufacturing landscape is shifting, with Vietnam emerging as a significant beneficiary. These tariffs, aimed at reducing China's economic dominance, are pushing companies to seek alternative manufacturing hubs. Vietnam, with its strategic advantages, stands ready to capitalize on these changes.

    OEM Supplier

    Polymer Primer: What Is Plastic Injection Molding?

    Injection molding is the manufacturing process of obtaining molded components or products by injecting molten plastic, rubber, metal or glass into a mold, then solidifying the product through a cooling process. This method provides many benefits to the automotive, medical and consumer electronics industries, including mass production, low waste and the ability to develop complex parts.

    Laser Cutting

    The Top 4 Features Your Laser Cutting Service Vendor Should Offer

    Laser cutting is a manufacturing process used to produce custom shapes and designs through the use of a high-powered laser beam. Laser cutting is frequently used in the automotive, musical instrument and medical device industries because it is suitable for a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, glass, paper and gemstones, to produce intricate, precise and complex parts.
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