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    Precision Industrial Painting and Coating From Experienced Manufacturers

    Having refined our painting and coating process through years of providing in-house services, we run a well-controlled process that makes our quality components shine. Located in multiple facilities, including our GPMI factory, our state-of-the-art equipment meets the highest standards in the automotive industry, backed by quality tests to ensure the paint won’t chip and the metal won’t corrode.

    4 Reasons to Work With VPIC

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    Liquid Painting

    The oldest painting process, liquid painting is the process of applying a liquid layer of paint to bicycle frames and automotive and motorcycle components. This is the least expensive and most frequently used painting process.

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    Powder Painting

    Powder painting is also used on motorcycle and automotive components and has strong corrosion resistance. All components in the production line are grounded while the operator sprays paint with a negative charge.

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    ED Coating

    In the process of ED coating, the motorcycle or automotive component is submerged in a pool of the coating, and the component is charged with a positive charge. The component is then transferred to a negatively charged pool that allows the paint to better adhere to the component.

    Highest-Quality Tests in the Coating and Painting Industry

    Our painting and coating processes don’t end after the paint dries. Our technicians take the extra step to perform quality assurance tests to ensure durability of the paint coat by applying UV light and a salt spray. This allows us to know if the component is going to withstand corrosion.

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    Why Choose VPIC for Your Precision Industrial Painting and Coating Services?

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    State-of-the-Art Equipment

    Across our factories, our professionals have access to six lines dedicated to liquid, powder or ED coating to ensure our secondary capabilities meet the high lead times our clients require. In our GPMI factory, we have brand-new lines that are used in our well-controlled painting and coating processes.

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    High Quality Standards

    In addition to our testing services, we use the highest end quality standards that are also used by Harley Davidson and Ducati. These standards are much tougher than those in the automotive industry. Therefore we are able to fulfill any automotive requirements.

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    Full-Scale Services

    We are proud to provide a number of different secondary services to our clients, including cleanliness, sand blasting, and heat treatment. With these services, we help our clients cut out the cost that would be required to deliver unfinished components to a secondary processing facility.


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