VPIC and GPMI, a leading manufacturer in the global supply chain, is pleased to announce the resumption of its operations after the Lunar New Year holiday.

On the 15th of February, 2024, all of the employees in the VPIC and GPMI returned to work after having enjoyed the longest break during the Lunar New Year holiday. The return to work marks the beginning of what promises to be another year of growth and progress for VPIC & GPMI. With a renewed focus on delivering high-quality products and services to our global clientele, the team is excited to get back to work and build on the successes of the past year.


The Board of Directors had an opening ceremony in VPIC

After this extended period of relaxation and festive celebration, the VPIC & GPMI hit the ground running and prepared for the opening ceremony on the first working day of the year. This ceremony was not just a formality, but an embodiment of their collective wish and aspiration to kick off a successful new business year filled with accomplishments and breakthroughs. This opening ceremony marked the beginning of what everyone hoped would be a prosperous year. The Board’s speech was not only inspiring but also set the tone for the goals and objectives they hoped to achieve in the coming year.

IMG_2812The Board of Directors had an opening ceremony in GPMI

IMG_4818The Board of Directors had an opening ceremony in GPMI

Following the speeches, lucky money was distributed amongst employees - a tradition perceived as a token of good fortune and prosperity. The excitement was palpable as employees accepted their gifts, their faces lighting up with joy. This act of generosity by the Board of Directors added to the high morale, making the first day back to work a memorable one.

IMG_4819The Board of Directors giving lucky money to our employees