Vietnam Precision Industrial Joint Stock Company
    Address: Lot VIII-1, Honai Industrial Zone, Trangbom District, Dongnai Province, 810000 Vietnam.
    Telephone: +84-251.3984.708
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    The VPIC Difference: State-of-the-Art Machinery & Tech

    All too often, manufacturing supply companies don’t use industry-standard tech, leading to reduced quality and consistency in components, increased cost of services and decreased productivity. 


    Supply Chain News: How COVID-19 Is Affecting Manufacturing in Vietnam

    Although smaller than other countries with a strong manufacturing presence, Vietnam plays a significant role in the global consumer economy by serving as a supplier to a number of major corporations, such as furniture for Walmart Inc., sneakers for Adidas AG and smartphones for Samsung Electronics Co. Next to China, Vietnam is the second-largest supplier of shoes and clothes to the U.S. The country also served as a major relocation point for manufacturers during the trade war between the U.S. and China.

    Quality Assurance

    Safety First: Why the Industry Quality Assurance Process Matters

    In manufacturing, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) are processes that are part of the ecosystem that ensures customers receive high-quality products devoid of any defects. While both processes are important in any manufacturing environment, quality assurance is critical for the automotive industry and high-precision component suppliers due to the possibility of injury or fatality if manufacturers fail to maintain a high standard of quality. 
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