Vietnam Precision Industrial Joint Stock Company
    Address: Lot VIII-1, Honai Industrial Zone, Trangbom District, Dongnai Province, 810000 Vietnam.
    Telephone: +84-251.3984.708
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    Decades in the Making: The History of VPIC

    For the last 27 years, VPIC Group has been committed to customer satisfaction by consistently listening to customer needs, investing in the latest technology and staying up to date on industry trends. This commitment has allowed us to develop long-term working relationships with many world-class customers in powersports, automotive, healthcare equipment and many other industries located throughout the globe and especially in North America, Europe and Asia.


    4 Reasons VPIC Makes a Great Partner

    With the sheer number of original equipment manufacturing (OEM) companies in operation throughout the globe, it can be difficult to know how to choose an OEM partner. At this point, you understand the services you need, but you might not yet know the differentiators that make a great OEM partner.
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